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icone Taking charge of the pain:

Pain is not inevitable. It can be prevented and treated.

A medical and paramedical anesthesia team monitors the quality of the pain treatment, using all the advanced means, particularly for postoperative analgesia.



   iconeOphthalmic surgery

      button Cataract phacoemulsification

      button Surgery of the posterior segment of the eye (vitrectomy and retinal detachment)


icone Fight against nosocomial infections :

The fight against nosocomial infections is a priority of our clinic.Personal hygiene isthe firstp revention against the risk of infection.

You and your entourage must participate in the fight against nosocomial infectionsby respecting simple rules:

button washing handsat the entranceof your room;

button limit access of childrenas visitors;

button Défvisitors should come in a limited number;

button visitors should not bringflowers tothe intensive care unit.




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